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Un marché de Noël

Featured language: French / Facilitated in English & French

Suitable for: French learners & anyone interested in French culture, traditions & Xmas in France. 

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Let us ‘transport’ you to the charming stalls, friendly sellers, seasonal traditions and magical atmosphere of an authentic Christmas market in Arras, Northern France, to celebrate this most wonderful time of the year just across the Channel.


Our unique immersive 360° VR tour, allows you to explore first-hand a selection of typical and beautifully-decorated stalls and enjoy the magic of the scenery and entertainment. Lively interactions with local vendors ensure you really feel part of the shopping experience, as they chat about their products and importance of quality, origin, fabrication and preparation. 

The interactive, multi-sensory, multimedia installation comprises a selection of stalls set up within a twinkly Christmassy context. Participants are encouraged to explore displays of different wares and gifts, from artisanal goods to delicious foods, sampling new flavours and preparing treats to serve to each other, from pain d'épices (spiced bread) and waffles to stinky cheese!


French learners in schools and other settings will be offered French language tasks and challenges, relating to popular culture and travel, including role-playing as vendors and buyers. 

Linked creative, cultural and culinary workshops are available for a deeper dive into this theme (eg. prepare seasonal French dishes; French Christmas songs & tales, create 'santons' ornaments).

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