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All Abroad! Bus for Schools

“One must travel to learn” (Mark Twain)


At All Abroad! Bus, we understand the pressures schools and language teachers face, such as curriculum time and resources, to provide enriching and motivating authentic language experiences and cultural learning opportunities. School trips abroad are particularly challenging to organise and can still exclude many learners due to financial and accessibility barriers - often those who could stand to benefit the most from these experiences. 


We can help to motivate language learners, level the playing field and inspire the next generation of global citizens!


Through an innovative combination of technology and hands-on, engaging resources, All Abroad! Bus offers schools an exciting opportunity to provide every learner with a unique chance to sample inspiring and insightful virtual journeys abroad and see the world through different lenses - quite literally! Along the way, learners immerse themselves in new food and experiences, practise language skills in a meaningful way and explore and connect with people, places, lives, customs and traditions of the languages they are learning - or may one day learn - all without leaving the school grounds! Staff also get a chance to build relationships with pupils outside of usual lessons. 

All Abroad! Experiences feature: 

“Students especially enjoyed the virtual reality sets, giving them a great insight into a real day in French Christmas markets as well as the opportunity to peruse the beautiful stalls set up so that they could use a range of language to order waffles, buy cheese and other delicious fresh produce from artisan stalls…. Feedback and engagement was really positive”

Jo Barrow, Langauges Curriculum Leader

Priory School, Lewes

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