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About All Abroad! Bus

All Abroad! Bus is an innovative global languages and culture 'edutainment' enterprise based in the Lewes district of East Sussex, South-East England. We specialise in:​​

  • capturing authentic cultural experiences abroad, in all senses, including interviews with locals;​

  • creating our unique immersive experiences, featuring 360° VR tours and hands-on activities that engage all the senses and put language skills into practice, as well as related workshops;

  • bringing our experiences direct to communities, with in-person visits (we set up on customers' premises); through events and clubs; online, and (soon) aboard a roaming All Abroad! Bus! bus. 

For now, our focus is on destinations where French, German & Spanish are spoken, but we plan to open this up soon. All Abroad! Tous à l'étranger ! Alle ins Ausland! ¡Todos en el extranjero!

The journey so far

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2019 - The Eureka moment!

Standing in front of yet another highly unmotivated year 8 French class, I thought ‘What if I could bring France to them aboard a converted bus?’ And so the All Abroad! Bus idea was born.

Classroom Setup
Video Consultation
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2020 - Covid

Bus conversations on hold. Instead, a quiet launch of online bilingual exchanges and experiences, immersing teenagers in cooking, virtual visits, and language chats.

2021 - Clubs

Launch of face-to-face after-school language & culture clubs and holiday clubs for Holiday Activities & Food (HAF), transporting children abroad through food, fun and cultural activities.

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Technological Products

2022 - R&D

Exploring technology, delivery options and potential impact of immersive experiences on different audiences, resulting in a decision to broaden our reach much wider.

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2023 - Un marché de Noël

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Creation and launch of our first culturally-immersive experience from France, delivered in person to schools, care settings, community & cultural spaces in the Lewes area.

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2024 - To other destinations...

Creation and launch of more experiences, from Spain - ‘La Fiesta mayor de Sant Antoni’ and ‘En el mercado’ for in-person & online. More experiences underway - and in more languages. 

2025 - The bus is en route!

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Hoping to realise a full physical embodiment of the project: our unique, culturally-immersive offer aboard a touring All Abroad! Bus! Come aboard!

the journey so far
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Our founder and team 

“I’ve always believed in the power of travel to open eyes and minds and the power of languages to open doors and connect with people", says Julia Vogado, our founder, a passionate linguist. With a career spanning international market research, youth trends, language teaching and creative arts, including a multi-sensory, multi-media installation sharing travels to Bolivia, All Abroad! Bus is the culmination of Julia's varied experiences and vision. "This is where all my ideas, dreams, passions, travels, and diverse skill sets come together. It’s as though my life to date all happened to prepare me for putting this vision into being!” reflects Julia.

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"I went into language teaching after Brexit as I was concerned about the future global prospects and outlook of young people in the UK,” Julia explains. "However, the real challenge was motivating students and providing a relevant context for their language learning which was more of an issue for those who neither lived in a multicultural area nor enjoyed cultural travel abroad". To address this and to make a real difference and impact at scale, she decided to come up with an ambitious plan to offer a taste of overseas travel and an authentic context for global language and culture study that would be accessible to all, including to those in a whole host of other settings who would also benefit from the connection and stimulation this can bring. 


Julia hopes that you will join her on this journey and help make it something truly extraordinary.

We work with:

  • specialist creatives to capture and produce our original  360° films and resources;

  • linguist facilitators and helpers to deliver our in-person experiences;

  • a network of locals abroad to help guide us in the field and contribute to language exchanges.

We’re always keen to hear from:

  • other linguists, teachers, facilitators, native speakers, creatives and purveyors of international food and goods who may like to collaborate;

  • businesses, brands, organisations, communities, groups and individuals who may like to sponsor or partner with us.

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