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What drives us

At All Abroad! Bus, our mission is to broaden access to the joys and rewards of trips abroad to everyone, benefitting in particular:

  • language learners;

  • those who don’t have many or any opportunities to travel abroad; and

  • anyone with limited exposure to other cultures and languages within their own community. 

HOWwedo it

We do this by bringing cultural and language experiences from abroad directly to different communities at their own location, to recreate the ‘being there’ with the convenience of ‘being here’, thereby eliminating barriers such as time, cost, logistics, accessibility, health, fear, risk and environmental concerns that may hinder real-world travel overseas. 

With those who stand to benefit the most in settings or coming from backgrounds where resources are the most stretched, we encourage support from businesses, organisations, and individuals to widen participation and to help drive social change by closing the opportunities gap and fostering the development of curious, open-minded, and world-ready citizens.

  • We envision a world where everyone - no matter their background, circumstances or outlook - has the opportunity to sample global travel and explore other cultures, and in so doing create a more connected and empathetic world. 

  • We want to ignite a passion for language learning and showcase what a superpower multilingualism is, for personal and professional growth as well as for social harmony.

  • In particular we want to help reverse the decline in uptake of languages in schools in the UK and help our youth to enjoy many of the same opportunities as their global peers and to be competitive in the global marketplace.  

WHYwedo it


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What participants enjoy about our visits:

Thank you for bringing France to me. 

My favourite part was the VR headset as it really felt like I was in France. Trying the cheese was a new experience!

Lovely morning learning and enjoying your Spanish tapas. 

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Come aboard our journey to impact
under-resourced communities!

With your support, we can expand our reach, break down barriers,
bridge cultures and create opportunities for all to thrive

Let's make a difference, one experience at a time.
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