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Let's work together!

On an ongoing basis we are keen to connect with companies, organisations, teams and individuals who are interested in collaborating or partnering with us to capture, create and deliver unique immersive experiences, linked workshops and valuable resources.


Together we can share expertise, reach new audiences, increase visibility, amplify our mutual impact and inspire each other! For example:

  • suggestions for new immersive experiences 

  • locals abroad to assist with field trips and online visits;

  • co-creation of materials and resources;

  • creating branded content;

  • product placement and joint marketing efforts;

  • delivering workshops (creative, cultural and culinary);

  • our participation in events, specific projects or initiatives;

  • engaging in research collaborations. 

But, we're always open to ideas and propositions, so let's chat!

All Abroad! Tous à l'étranger ! Alle ins Ausland! ¡Todos en el extranjero!

All Abroad! Bus is an innovative global languages and culture 'edutainment' enterprise based in the Lewes district of East Sussex, South-East England. We specialise in creating immersive experiences that capture the authentic essence of global cultures and languages, bringing them directly to diverse communities through 360° VR tours, multi-sensory installations and engaging activities. In the near future, we aim to offer our unique immersive experience aboard a roaming All Abroad! Bus. 

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