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All Abroad! Bus for Care Settings

“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us” (Anon)

At All Abroad! Bus, we appreciate that in the care sector, especially in residential settings, providing engaging, varied, and novel activities is essential for enhancing overall well-being and quality of life of all those being cared for. Whilst trips abroad are enriching and intellectually stimulating, they are very challenging to organise and often too costly and risky for those with serious health or mobility issues and disabilities to travel abroad at all.


We can help you to enrich the lives of those in your care!


With our visiting culturally-immersive experiences and workshops from different destinations, All Abroad! Bus offers care settings the opportunity to bring a sense of adventure and diversity directly to individuals in care, by immersing them in virtual journeys to new places, cultures, people, foods and other sensory stimuli - all without leaving the premises! These experiences stimulate cognitive growth, help individuals feel connected to the outside world and create new memories or even trigger memories from past travels, promoting mental well-being and enriching overall quality of life.

All Abroad! Experiences feature: 

“FANTASTIQUE!... such a treat for our residents, packed full of sensory surprise and delicious treats for us all to enjoy. Our residents’ complex needs mean it would be very difficult for them to pop across the Channel and visit these Christmas markets like we do, Julia brought this experience to life within our home and enabled us to get a real feel for this cultural festival.”

Debbie Knott, Care Manager

The Bevern Trust, Barcombe

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