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Mother and Daughter Communicating

All Abroad! Bus for Families & Individuals

“Oh the places you’ll go” (Dr Seuss) 

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As well as visiting various organisational settings, All Abroad! Bus also offers immersive cultural experiences to families, children, young people, adults and private groups. These can be brought to you or may take the form of clubs, events, or online workshops.

We can bring the excitement of culturally-immersive travel to you, our family or your group! 

Our experiences offer the opportunity to explore destinations abroad and diverse cultures as if physically present, soaking up cultures, engaging with locals and practising language skills without needing to leave home or go very far at all. This helps overcome typical barriers to travel such as time, cost, health, mobility and confidence, as well as providing an option for those who are making sustainable travel choices.

All Abroad! Experiences feature: 

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