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Featured language: Spanish / Facilitated in English & Spanish

Suitable for: Spanish learners & anyone interested in Spanish culture, daily life & food. 

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Let us ‘transport’ you to the hustle and bustle of a classic municipal food market in Spain, with all the colourful sights, evocative sounds, abundant smells, varied textures and heavenly tastes that go with it.

This unique immersive, interactive, multi-sensory, multimedia experience, which includes an original 360° VR tour, enables you to step into an authentic shopping experience at various stalls adorned with fresh produce. Every corner reveals new culinary delights and cultural insights, from olives to ham, eggs to cooked foods and perhaps the most vibrant stall of all, fruit & vegetables. Be part of lively interviews with local vendors, delving into their passion for local, quality ingredients and traditional culinary practices.

Participants will be encouraged to explore real market stall displays, with textures and tastes; find out about different products and enjoy engaging activities.  


Spanish learners in schools and other settings will be offered Spanish language tasks and challenges, relating to people & lifestyle, including role play and negotiating opportunities as vendors and buyers. 

Linked creative, cultural and culinary workshops are available for a deeper dive into this theme, (eg. prepare paella from fresh ingredients; the history of food markets in Spain; market mosaics). 

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