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What drives us?

At All Abroad! Bus, we want to broaden access to the joys and rewards of cultural travel abroad, by bringing our immersive experiences to different audiences in their own settings, with no need for physical travel.


This benefits in particular:

  • language learners;

  • those who don’t have many, if any, opportunities to travel abroad, and

  • people with limited exposure to other cultures and languages within their own community. 


Our manifesto

  • We envision a world where curiosity about other cultures replaces fear of the unknown, and languages are cherished as bridges between people.

  • We dispel the myth that 'English is enough' by showcasing the immense benefits of language skills and intercultural competence.

  • Igniting Passion: Our mission is to ignite a genuine passion for language learning, providing meaningful opportunities for practice and growth.

  • Cultural Discovery: We offer authentic experiences that bring the richness of different cultures to life, from language immersion to cultural festivities.

  • Capturing Unique Perspectives: Dive deep into local cultures, capturing surprising perspectives and engaging with locals to create immersive experiences that foster meaningful connections.

  • Global Exploration: We inspire individuals to explore other cultures firsthand, both locally and internationally, while prioritizing sustainability and responsible travel practices.

  • Promoting Respect: We challenge cultural stereotypes and promote respect, sensitivity, and empathy towards diverse cultures, fostering global citizenship.

  • Driving Positive Social Change: We actively seek to drive social change by advocating for inclusivity, diversity, and equality, and by encouraging support from businesses, organizations, and individuals to widen participation and promote positive impact.

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“My favourite part was the VR because it showed me what a French Christmas market is like. I learned about cheese. I loved the soap.”
(student, 13/14 yo)
“Thank you for bringing France to me”
(elderly care home resident)
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Come Aboard!

With your support, we can extend our offer and broaden our reach to positively impact those who need it most. Where should we go next? 

Discover the different ways to support us on this transformative journey

We come to you.

From motivating language learning to stimulating personal growth, connecting diverse communities and inspiring global perspectives, our visiting ‘pop-up’ All Abroad! Experiences are customisable and cater to a wide range of audiences and settings, ensuring that everyone can benefit from the transformative power of culturally-immersive overseas travel:

All Abroad! Bus is an innovative global languages and culture ‘edutainment’ enterprise based in the Lewes district of East Sussex, SE. England, specialising in capturing, creating and delivering authentic culturally-immersive travel experiences from abroad to participants in a variety of different settings in the UK. 

We bring ‘pop-up’ experiences and workshops directly to our customers’ locations, see Who we visit / FAQs, whilst also offering online streaming options. We’re actively working to expand our geographical reach and realise a full physical embodiment of this project - our unique, immersive offer aboard a roaming All Abroad! Bus!

Find out more About Us  

Stay in touch as we journey forward! 

All Abroad! Tous à l'étranger ! Alle ins Ausland! ¡Todos en el extranjero!

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