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And so the journey really begins!

The new website is live! To say it's been a labour of love would sound far too romantic for the reality of getting it ready and made. Rather poignantly for an entreprise that 'takes people on journeys', All Abroad! Bus thrives on keeping moving, in content, scope and reach but this has definitely made it a more challenging project to explain. Heartfelt thanks to Zoë of Zivl Web designs for all her time, input and creativity in making the ever-evolving brief and ideas a reality; if you like this site and you're looking for a web designer, then definitely get in touch with her here:

Whilst we have you here, if you've been aware of us before, you may notice that we've changed our logo a little, and that's because we wanted to use the occasion of a new website to better reflect the global nature of the main languages we work with (currently French, German and Spanish), far beyond their European origins. This is a pressing time to be decolonising curriculums, indeed to be decolonising mindsets. It is also extremely important to illustrate just how far and wide languages are spoken, above all to inspire and motivate language learners that their efforts will be rewarded with open doors and wider open arms in so many more parts of the world than just in Europe.

Please sign up to our news if you haven't already, or get in touch to discuss our services.

À bientôt ! Bis bald! ¡Hasta pronto!

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