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All Abroad! via Lewes area, East Sussex! #1

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

Welcome to this first All Abroad! Bus newsletter, aiming to connect you to foreign-language/flavoured events, activities, people and places in the Lewes area and beyond!

The content is intended primarily for parents looking for ways to help extend and expand their kids'/teens' foreign language education through culture, connections and multi-sensory experiences close to home, as well as for adults looking for a similar thing, whether to rekindle or stoke their own language learning journey, to connect with others who share a love of and passion for other languages and cultures or just as something a bit different to do and new places and experiences to try! All Abroad! Bus teaching currently specialises in the French, German and Spanish languages, but this initiative extends to the broader global language community.

It is hoped too that this initiative will bring together people in the local area who are from other countries; who have family, friends or roots abroad; who travel abroad; who work or otherwise have connections with abroad and/or who just want to keep their horizons broader; who teach or work with languages etc - all the more so because of the potentially shrinking boundaries placed on us by Brexit and (for now, also) Covid.

Please note, it is a work in progress with the content and design evolving over the coming weeks; to this end, any feedback, ideas, questions, suggestions and of course contributions would be most welcome to - thank you! The more we can connect with abroad from within our lovely rural area, the more colourful, interesting and exotic our local life can be and the more globally connected we will feel!


Foreign-language films showing this week

At Lewes Depot, Parallel Mothers continues (every day, in Spanish with English subtitles, 15), Pedro Almodóvar's latest film about two very different unmarried women who give birth at the same time, one happily so and the other not. More details and bookings here.

Japanese film festival throughout February at Lewes Depot

The largest festival of Japanese film in the UK returns to the Depot this month, this time focusing on different representations of a 'dark mind'. That said, plenty of PG and 12A rated films with come uplifting messages and tones to entertain children and adults alike. Limited showings, more details and full programme here.

There's also Japanese-language animation film 'Belle' (12A) being shown every day this coming week at the Depot (at different times, subtitled or dubbed) about a shy high school student living in a rural village who enters a massive virtual world and takes on a new persona as a famous singer. More details and booking here.


  • Frida Kahlo (12A) at Uckfield Picture House at 6pm on 8th March, International Women's Day - delving deep into the life and works of this great Mexican artist and icon. More details and booking here.

  • Leopoldstadt (NT Live) (12A) at Uckfield Picture House (10/2, 16/3, 20/3), Seaford Community Cinema (17/3) and Lewes Depot (dates TBC) - recording a live West End performance of a play about a family living in the old Jewish quarter of Vienna, Austria, over the first half of the 20th century.


Pam and de Femmes with special guest Jürgen Krauss

Local band Pam and de Femmes @pamandefemmes sing "great songs in various languages" and will be playing a special gig on Friday 11th February at the Beak Brewery, joined by 2021 Great British Bake Off semi-finalist Jürgen Krauss, @juergenthebread,for the launch of a new and very potent-sounding (12%!) Beak Brewery stout named "Jurgen". From 6pm. Table bookings and more info here. (PS. Wonder what Jürgen makes of the spelling of a beer in his name but without an umlaut on the 'ü' or an extra 'e' to replace it? Or is that too much language geekery?!).

Chamber Music in Art - Italienisches Liederbuch

On Saturday 12th February, The second recital in a new chamber music concert series by Lewes Music Group, Chamber Music in Art, aiming to create 'intersensory experiences' by combining music with visual art, poetry or film. On this occasion "snapshots of 17th Century Italy through a German lens". Held at the beautiful Cliffe Hall, 7.30pm. More details and booking here. (via


For KIDS / YOUNG PEOPLE / FAMILIES... Half Term activities (14th-18th February 2022)

Starfish music are offering another exciting music workshops with their 'Open Ears' programme, which includes 'Global Grooves' with a West African drumming session and an 'Around The World Jam' live instrument and voice workshop looking at contemporary music styles from around the world. £35 per day (10am - 3pm) Full programme details and booking information here.

Holiday Food and Fun

All Abroad! Bus has been running holiday clubs for children and young people during the Summer and Christmas holidays of 2021, with many places fully-funded by the Holiday Activities and Food #HAF2021 programmewhich aims to offer safe and supportive environments for children and young people eligible for benefits-related free school meals or who are otherwise disadvantaged. We hope to be back at Easter with some more holiday clubs, but, during half-term there are various provisions to choose from, offering enrichment, food and active fun - you can find the full list here.


Did you know there are lots of towns and villages in East Sussex twinned with towns and villages in France, Germany, Belgium, even Sierra Leone and the USA? The county of East Sussex is also twinned with counties in France & Germany.

The twinning of towns was begun after the Second World War to try to fix damaged relationships notably between France, Germany and the UK, with a view to developing relationships between people in both places. Post-Brexit, it feels particularly important to re-engage with initiatives like this and keep these bridges going, indeed to build them stronger and encourage younger generations to get involved too.

So, why not head out to find the twin town/village signs in or near where you live and visit other towns and villages in the area to find theirs. Then take a virtual visit to the twin towns/villages abroad on Google Maps or using Instant Street View and see what they look like - how they are similar, how they are different to where you live, what would it be like to live there? Can you make out any street signs? If so, what do they say and mean, do you think? You could even check out the live weather in or near to the twin places on a webcam and see if it's any better than here! Perhaps you can find and connect with local town twinning associations, via blogs, Facebook groups or other means and see what they're up to.

Where is Seaford twinned with for example? Clue: you can find this sign along the seafront promenade!

Share any findings, observations, photos, screenshots for a feature in the coming weeks - either on social media Facebook / Instagram / Twitter or by sending an email to


Caccia & Tails 'Cena Club' at Charleston Farmhouse: A celebration of the "Big Night" movie

On Saturday 12th February, Lewes-based pasta and focaccia bar Caccia & Tails, will be be"giving you a reason to put your glad rags on and come and eat a banquet fit for any dysfunctional Italian family gathering." For anyone who hasn't yet seen the movie, it's focused on and dedicated to Italian food and features Stanley Tucci, Minnie Driver and Isabella Rossellini. True to the movie, guests of the Cena Club will feast on the whole 'Big Night' menu, including the incredible "Timpano" (pasta pie) in a setting recreated to emulate the legendary film setting, complete with live music.

More info and tickets here.

Mexican Street Food at Abyss Brewery

At Abyss Brewery, you'll find Mexican street food by @carlitoburritobrighton 5-10pm Thursdays / 3-10pm Fridays / 12-10pm Saturdays, with meat, vegey and vegan options to accompany their delicious beers. ¡Buen provecho!


You have received this newsletter because you are a student or the family of students/participants of All Abroad! Bus clubs, workshops and tutoring and/or you live in the local area and have shown an interest in the All Abroad! Bus project - or just thought you would be interested!

If you have enjoyed it and if you know others who might also be interested in it or may have something to contribute, please spread the word by sharing the link!

If it's not quite for you, then either give it a few more weeks to see if it is or feel free to unsubscribe at any time.

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