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La Fiesta Mayor de Sant Antoni, Barcelona.

Featured language: Spanish / Facilitated in English & Spanish

Suitable for: Spanish learners & anyone interested in Spanish/Catalan culture, traditions & food.

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Let us ‘transport’ you to the streets, crowds and performers of this exhilarating neighbourhood festival held annually in Barcelona, Spain to celebrate Sant Antoni Abat, the patron saint of domestic animals, with this unique immersive, interactive, multi-sensory, multimedia experience, which includes an original 360° VR tour. 

From daring shows of fire runners and human castles, traditional figures such as giants and "la Porca", to the ceremonial blessing of animals and living history with the "Tres Tombs" procession of horse-drawn carriages, this experience puts you in the heart of a truly extraordinary fiesta and in the shoes of those taking part as well as those watching. Interviews in Spanish with locals offer insight into traditions whilst Catalan soundscapes inject a regional flavour.


Participants will be encouraged to explore displays and realia, and get involved in recreating variations of the key fiesta activities, as well as preparing and tasting tapas, typical of the region.


Spanish learners in schools and other settings will be offered Spanish language tasks, relating to popular culture, including role-playing opportunities. 

Linked creative, cultural and culinary workshops are available for a deeper dive into this theme.(eg. bake a 'Coca de Sant Antoni'; Catalan vs Spanish language; create large-scale popular culture characters) . 

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